Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There's a Grape in My Anus.....

dear Leiza dear Leiza....

Due to unexpected quantities of mass defaecating I have a huge haemorrhoid.

It hurts lots.

And lots.

Existing hurts.

That is all.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Week

First week of my lifestyle change has been great. I have overcome a few obstacles and a few have overcome me. That's life I suppose. The key is learning to overcome the ones that have it over me. This week what has beaten me was my youngest getting a vomiting bug. Broken sleep and being at her side at her demand has left me shattered but I still managed to eat sensibly but I do need to learn to put exercise as my priority, even when the chips are down.

My weight this week is: 104.4kg so that's a loss of 2kg (4.4 lbs). A great start, have yet to measure as Blair has been away at work but when he's home will update this entry.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


First a little bit of housekeeping....

Pippa, previously known as the Pommy Bitch, is my personal trainer. She is a darling wee lass who has worked tirelessly with me over the past year to try and help me become fitter and healthier - she's watched me take 89 steps back and 19 steps forward and then some. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty and listened to all my stories, woes and fears. She has sat there while I have cried, she has listened when I have spilled forth my life history, she has laughed when I tell jokes.... she is an all round down-to-earth, bloody good sort.

My mother has given me a good bollocking for referring to her as the Pommy Bitch, and to be fair, it's not very nice of me to label her in this way, so I have come up with a better name: Pippa or Pip or Pippy, I don't need a label to tag her, she just is who she is, a genuinely lovely lady who is dedicated to seeing me and my family succeed.

So onwards:

I have not stopped being motivated. I don't know what the key is but I know that it has been turned..

I walked in the pouring rain for 40 mins on Tuesday night. Last night I got out and kicked the ball nonstop for 30mins, I was a bit bored with the same walk and tonight I plan to do my WALK/RUN to the tune of the BEEP TEST.

I have yet to get back on the swiss ball, which is important for me.

I had Salmon baked in foil with fresh dill and lemon juice with baked kumara, and veges stirfried in fresh garlic for tea Tuesday and last night was Fried Rice with Eggs and Vegetables. The food is key.

I have already had a few positive comments yesterday, only four days in, so I am quite adamant that Saturday morning's weighin will bring a good result.

What have you been doing to change your life?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


You may be wondering what has all of a sudden spurred me into this lifestyle change. You may not but tough tits for you because you get to find out anyway.

A couple of weeks ago I read Confessions of a Reformed Dieter by AJ Rochester.

I could have been reading my life story. Seriously.

She hit a few nerves and got me thinking, planning, thinking some more.

Last Monday evening I had to carry a 25kg (55 lb) sack of pig food pellets in from the truck. I hauled the bag up onto my ample shoulder and staggered into the laundry where I keep the animal feeds. It was a distance of 10 metres, I was huffing and really burdened by that weight.

And then it hit me..... I am burdened by this 25kg yet I carry twice as much as this in extra weight. What the hell am I doing to myself? I literally stagger around every day with 50kg (110 lbs) of excess weight and I wonder why some days are a struggle.

Lightbulb Moment.

What was your light bulb moment, or are you yet to have one?

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Stats

To make myself more accountable I will keep a track of weight, weight loss, what I'm eating, what I'm doing, just an overall rundown of how each day is working for me and all that sort of shite.

I start this journey at:

Weight: 106.4kg (234.1 lbs)

Height: 165cm (5'5")

Body fat %: 47.8% (WTF!!)

Bust: 123cm (48.4 inches)

Waist circumference(ideal male<100 female<90): 104cm (40.9 inches)

Abdomen (at belly button): 121cm (47.6 inches)

Right Thigh: 79cm (31.1 inches) this is more than my waist was at 18!!

Right Arm: 38cm (15 inches)

Blood Pressure (ideally below 140/90): 130/85 (on medication)

Pre Exercise heart rate (desirable 72 BPM or below): 80bpm

So Day 1 and Day 2 have been brilliant, I walked fast for 30mins both days.
I have eaten nice and healthy, had breakfast, cut down coffee, had more fruit, had Chicken with Almonds (from Liver Cleansing recipes - yummy) for dinner last night and Sweet Mustard Glazed Beef (from Healthy Liver and Bowel Recipes) with brown rice and veges tonight. I'm not sticking to any diets but looking for healthy tasty recipes to keep me motivated.

I am feeling really great, so motivated and not feeling like I am restricting myself because nothing is off limits, if I want something and I can't find any way of replacing that urge, then I will have it but that will be that, normal healthy eating will continue and I won't beat myself up for partaking in "bad" things. I feel invigorated.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Road Hitting Time

My whole adult life I have struggled with my weight.

There have been various contributing factors. Now it's time to slowly but surely make the change back to a healthy life where I am in charge of me, where I matter and where food doesn't control my life, I control it.

I won't be dieting. That shit fucks with my head (I swear - deal with it!!).

I am making permanent life changes.

I have a few tools to help me:

1. I have this outlet and your feedback
2. I have my husband who is committed to making a healthy change too.
3. I have my personal trainer, Pippa, otherwise known as the Pommy Bitch.
4. I have my kids, who will love having their parents fit and healthy and more focussed.
5. Most importantly, I have myself. I am the only one who can do this, others may guide but only I can control whether I commit to walk the talk or just sit around obese and unhappy and use every excuse under the sun not to become the goddess I know I am deep down inside, under the layers of emotional baggage that have formed my fat suit.

Join me, I welcome your comments, your opinions (as long as you can handle mine back) and your support.