Thursday, March 24, 2011


First a little bit of housekeeping....

Pippa, previously known as the Pommy Bitch, is my personal trainer. She is a darling wee lass who has worked tirelessly with me over the past year to try and help me become fitter and healthier - she's watched me take 89 steps back and 19 steps forward and then some. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty and listened to all my stories, woes and fears. She has sat there while I have cried, she has listened when I have spilled forth my life history, she has laughed when I tell jokes.... she is an all round down-to-earth, bloody good sort.

My mother has given me a good bollocking for referring to her as the Pommy Bitch, and to be fair, it's not very nice of me to label her in this way, so I have come up with a better name: Pippa or Pip or Pippy, I don't need a label to tag her, she just is who she is, a genuinely lovely lady who is dedicated to seeing me and my family succeed.

So onwards:

I have not stopped being motivated. I don't know what the key is but I know that it has been turned..

I walked in the pouring rain for 40 mins on Tuesday night. Last night I got out and kicked the ball nonstop for 30mins, I was a bit bored with the same walk and tonight I plan to do my WALK/RUN to the tune of the BEEP TEST.

I have yet to get back on the swiss ball, which is important for me.

I had Salmon baked in foil with fresh dill and lemon juice with baked kumara, and veges stirfried in fresh garlic for tea Tuesday and last night was Fried Rice with Eggs and Vegetables. The food is key.

I have already had a few positive comments yesterday, only four days in, so I am quite adamant that Saturday morning's weighin will bring a good result.

What have you been doing to change your life?


  1. What have I been doing? NOTHING... yet. Under a bit of stress with changing jobs etc. but I only have one more day! Well in saying that I do have to go back in for a couple of half days next week - but next week is my "get my shit together" week and start the job/new life on the 4th April. I plan to walk walk walk as much as I possibly can and then do incidental exercise - now from going to that from absolutely nothing, it will be a big change for me. Planning is the key for me and I am determined to finally get stress free which in turn will mean no emotional eating. I have bought a copy of that book you mentioned off Trade Me and I plan to start reading it tonight. I hope i have a lightbulb moment soon too! Go you. You're doing really well!

  2. Hmmm I've been making lots of plans, but not sticking to them very well. no exercise since the weekend due to madness at work, but today is a new day: a run or a walk tonight & pump tomorrow :0)

  3. Well done naturally outspoken. Good for you. You are beautiful whatever size you are but health is the key I think. I've finally kicked my cigarette habit. Almost 3 weeks. Pressure from my eldest finally paid off. So far it hasn't been as hard as I thought. Put a little bit of weight on but having to chase the youngest upstairs for 30 mins every night is balancing it out. The longest I have gone without a cigarette in the last 20 years was on a flight from UK to OZ. Babysteps. x


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