Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Road Hitting Time

My whole adult life I have struggled with my weight.

There have been various contributing factors. Now it's time to slowly but surely make the change back to a healthy life where I am in charge of me, where I matter and where food doesn't control my life, I control it.

I won't be dieting. That shit fucks with my head (I swear - deal with it!!).

I am making permanent life changes.

I have a few tools to help me:

1. I have this outlet and your feedback
2. I have my husband who is committed to making a healthy change too.
3. I have my personal trainer, Pippa, otherwise known as the Pommy Bitch.
4. I have my kids, who will love having their parents fit and healthy and more focussed.
5. Most importantly, I have myself. I am the only one who can do this, others may guide but only I can control whether I commit to walk the talk or just sit around obese and unhappy and use every excuse under the sun not to become the goddess I know I am deep down inside, under the layers of emotional baggage that have formed my fat suit.

Join me, I welcome your comments, your opinions (as long as you can handle mine back) and your support.


  1. :)

    Lifestyle changes are the only thing that ever work that nasty diet word never works for me!

    In Aussie they have a new lifestyle ad about swapping swapping bigger meals for smallier, swapping sitting watching tv for getting up doing something there is alot to be said for swapping!!!

    Steph :)

  2. I am joining you and I support you too.... My wee Paige (age 5) just asked me about Heaven and dying and said she didn't want anyone in our family to die - okay she's only 5 so doesn't realise that it happens to the best of us.... but right there and then I thought enough is enough. I am a fat cow and although I have a SUPER DUPER personality - there's only so long I can rely on that to get me by without killing i sit here eating a fucking gingernut at 9:20pm!!! Arrrggh so okay, I need a bit of work.

    So... timing is very appropriate to find you are also starting again. Here for support and also inspiration. I wish I had a damn blog to vent my stuff - if I was a bit more computer savvy maybe!! You could join me too!!!

    Much luck and happiness your way (and mine!!)

    Kate (Rogers) n- you know me on FB!!

  3. Good on you Jules - I am kinda of on that road too. Not dieting but trying to adjust and get more active. You are doing the right thing.

  4. Excited to read more babe. xox

  5. All aboard the Goddess Express!!!
    (of course I don't mean doing this ridiculously fast....... you know I like to rhyme!)

    Excellent plan; glad hubby is on board - makes all the difference!


    PS nice layout - very calming!

  6. I am looking forward to following your journey.


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