Sunday, December 2, 2012

Goddess I Am Not.....

I have had an extremely rough rough rough year.... no one is following this blog anymore which is fair enough... wasn't really a show stealer..

Was pissing around on FB this morning, as I do most days, terrible terrible addiction.  Came across a photo of a friend of the family who left NZ to live in Queensland this time last year.  She is a single Mum of one and left here at the same weight I am, give or take.  She was not really motivated and life was a bit hard. I have seen that heaps of her recent status updates are about fitness, sport, getting out there and I thought she must have taken a more active pathway. So I emailed her... as the photo I had seen was amazing, the transformation in a year is frankly astounding...

She messaged me back and said... I exercise hard out 6 days a week, I play basketball, netball, touch and volleyball... I started off loosely following WW points but quickly realised bread was my enemy and dairy gave me tummy aches.... I haven't looked back.

She is frankly a completely different person... I'd say she's lost over 35kg in a year...

I have started and failed attempts time and time again at this weight loss game.  This year I have lost my marriage, my horses and most of what my life was about.  I have moved north and have been accepted in the Bachelor of Nursing next year at the local polytech. 

It's time to make a change, not a diet, not a temporary buzz, a change... a whole change of the way I view it all..

Stats will be posted in the morning... join me on my change of direction.


  1. all the best to you, sugar! xoxxo

  2. All the best on your change of direction...good luck x

  3. So happy to see you back blogging, but sounds like you have had a tough time. I am glad you and your kids are settled and doing well now. Hopefully 2013 will be a much better year for you. Keep blogging gorgeous. :-)

  4. Hats off to your friend. What a turn around. I have the most amazing friend who has the same battles with her weight as I have with nicotine. It hasn't been fun. Recently, her mindset changed and she struck a chord with me. She said its not a short haul its a long haul thing so keeping that in mind we forge ahead. Six weeks cigarette free for me. In for the long haul. Keep us posted. x

  5. Well, we are here. Don't forget about us.

  6. Hi I was just wondering how you are doing.

    Love Chubbymum


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