Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Mojo and The Stats

The mojo is back.

I had an epiphany moment (AGAIN) last Tuesday and decided enough was enough.

Back to Personal Trainer but this time twice a week.

I weighed in at 107.3kg, I struggled to do basic lunges etc, my fitness was crap.

So I decided it started then and there. Healthy eating and exercising, water, loving myself, they all deserve to be priorities.

So the Stats as of today:

Weight: 104.8kg

Height: 165cm

Body fat %: 47.7 (WTF!!)

Bust: 119.5cm

Waist circumference(ideal male<100 female<90): 96.5cm

Abdomen (at belly button): 124cm

Hips: 127.5cm

Right Thigh: 73.5cm

Right Arm: 36cm

The only way I can from here is down. Down on the scales, down on the tape measure and down on the self doubt.

I am going to rock the Sunshine Coast.


  1. totes right behind you hun! Bring on the Sunshine Coast - you are gonna look amazing x

  2. R.o.c.k. in the sunshine coast!!!!!


    Kick arse mate!!!!!


  3. Have an awesome Christmas Jules and family :)


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